Client Testimonials


Pugh-McGowan Family

Lauren was our nanny for 3 years and ended up feeling like part of our family.

She has a brilliant mix of intuition and experience. She always seemed to know the best way to work with my twins whether it was around food, play or sleep and also has brilliant ‘mother’s intuition’. I’d trust her to figure out what to do whatever the challenge without ever judging, or thinking that one size fits all.

A true and passionate expert that I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to for sage advice and an empathetic ear.

Lauren came to our babies 1st Birthday party. Not because she was working for us but because she is a part of our family now. She spent most of her time playing Mr Wolf with the big kids and cuddling the little ones and that is all you really need to know about Lauren, that wherever she is, whatever she’s doing and whatever else is going on she always puts the kids first.

There are very few people in the world I would trust to look after my children as much as Lauren.


Chalmers Family

Lauren is amazing! From the start, she engaged my two little ones in a way that was warm and nurturing.

She approaches each day with a smile and is game for anything — when she learned my toddler loves to bake, she made it one of their go-to activities together.

She’s patient and firm when necessary, and we feel super lucky to have found someone so trustworthy and reliable that our kids also adore!

Lauren is a godsend!! So knowledgeable about childcare at all ages. Cannot recommend her enough!


Ohayon Family

Lauren was our nanny when the girls were very little. Lauren looked after them during the day and after nursery.

She stayed with us for a couple of years.

After quite a few years Lauren came back, and we were very happy, because Lauren is the best nanny ever. The girls are joyful having her back because now they have a close relationship. Lauren helps us with organisation and homework.

I wish that Lauren would stay with us forever!



 Higgin's Family

Lauren was our first ever nanny!

As a nervous new mum she totally put me at ease. Punctual, reliable and immediately tapped into what was important to me. I always knew I was leaving my little boy in the safest and most caring hands.

Lauren looked after my little boy for 6 months. She was totally brilliant. Knowledgable on weaning, sleeping and a real steady hand which helped me as a nervous new mum.

She has some invaluable insights which helped me find the right permanent nanny which I needed when I went back to work.

Would highly recommend! 


Constant Family

Lauren was our first nanny, working with us part time for a few months while I was on maternity leave with my first child.

I knew Lauren would be the right fit for us from the first time we met - she was extremely friendly and warm, calm and professional, experienced and intuitive at the same time, and for me it was super important that she is also a mum of 2, as I was really struggling with confidence as a first time mum at the time.

Lauren immediately got on with our daughter when she was just 10 weeks old, and was an indispensable source of support and advice for all of us in the months to come.

She took a genuine and whole-hearted interest in my daughter’s wellbeing, and gave me a lot of advice on feeding, sleep, weaning - you name it.

We really wish Lauren was still with us - the only reason she’s not is that we needed a full time person once I went back to work.

I have since recommended her to many friends, and will continue doing so!



Costello-Jawich Family 

Lauren is a fantastic Nanny - she’s such a natural and my children warmed to her very quickly. 

Lauren puts a real emphasis on making sure you as a parent feel comfortable and confident leaving your children in her care, and you can instantly see that she is a mother herself - she knows the value and importance of having a supportive Nanny you feel you can truly rely on.


De Mare Family 

Lauren is the one of the best nannies to have looked after our little boy. Friendly and engaging, yet reliably responsible, and as a mother herself, appreciates the importance of maintaining babies’ nap-times!


Mahon Family

Lauren is a wonderful nanny, my son Jude loved having her look after him, there is nothing more comforting than when your child is excited to be spending time with someone when internally the mum guilt is kicking in, I was always at ease when leaving him with Lauren.

Her flexibility and care for Jude always makes my life so easy. I highly recommend her.


 Wright-Jones Family

We knew Lauren through family after she cared for my nephew over the years.

When we set our wedding date it was a no brainer who we wanted to look after our 18months and 3 year old boys.

Lauren is softly spoken, caring, but assertive and incredibly intuitive when it comes to knowing what our children needed. We never really leave them with anyone as there are few people we trust enough but Lauren is one of those magic people that children adore and love. She makes them feel safe and happy, which was so relieving at the time because our youngest was going through an anxious and clingy phase. When i tell you he forgot about us when he was with Lauren, I’m not exaggerating. He rarely goes to anyone new or can be comforted by other family members. This was not the case however with Lauren, he was stuck to her like glue - laughing and playing and it was just honestly a joy to see. This gave us so much peace of mind on our big day. 

Lauren also used so much initiative on what was a hectic day for us and we inevitably forgot to tell her and handover certain things. She never let this phase her and improvised in the best ways. 10/10 recommend and would 100% leave my children with her any day. I’m sure the children would be delighted too!


Jones Family

From the first meeting with Lauren I knew she was going to look after our little boy so well.

He gets so excited when she arrives…which makes me so happy knowing he loves her company. Hearing her sing and play with my little boy is the loveliest thing. I’m not sure what I’d do without her!


Oduba Family 

Finding someone you trust with your baby who isn’t family is one of the hardest things. So we count ourselves really lucky to have found someone like Lauren. 

Straight away she had a great connection with our son and they have been besties ever since!


Mehren-Asher Family

Lauren looked after my then 1 year old daughter twice a week for 6 months.

She was amazing with my little girl and I felt completely comfortable leaving her with Lauren even when it came to feeding, Lauren’s knowledge about this is great. She was amazing with bed time and general play time.

You can tell after 1 minute meeting her that she absolutely loves kids and this is purely her passion. She is so polite and a warm person.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about Lauren.


Rosenfeld Family

Lauren was our nanny and she’s left her magical imprint on our small family.

She is a real pro! She is a kind empathetic and a very reliable nanny.

We love her caring and calming way. She has a true passion for children and can cater for any stage of your little one’s development.

Lauren is discreet, fun, honest and simply wonderful - we would recommend her to anyone.

My son is 18 now, she still asks about him and my boy still asks about her!

Book her in now before someone else does!


Band Family

Lauren began working for me, when my son was only 9 months old.

She always turned up to work with a big smile on her face and a hug for us both. 

It was such a great relief to see and hear them both giggling away and being so comfortable and settled with each other.

I enjoyed all the updates Lauren sent me throughout the day... especially at meal times! 

I felt my son was in very good hands. Lauren was very kind and gentle with him.

When my son started walking, I let Lauren know straight away, as I knew she would be just as excited as I was! 

Lauren had become a great support and a part of our little family. 

We were so grateful to have found her and would of course recommend her. 


Judd Family

Lauren is such a kind nanny who is always willing to help and fits in with the families needs happily.

I trust her completely. 


 Menton Family

Lauren looked after my then 8 month old baby once a week for several months.

It was my first time leaving my son with someone other than a family member so I was quite nervous but Lauren made me feel really comfortable and trustworthy. She was very professional in the way that we had a phone call before booking in a babysitting session.

Once she arrived, she made me feel really comfortable and calm and my son loved her. He always had a smile on his face when Lauren arrived to the house.

I would totally recommend Lauren - 5 stars from me!



We were nervous about leaving our 6 month old but Lauren instantly put us at ease. She is a breath of fresh air being a parent herself with her mother’s intuition and gentle manner. Our little one absolutely loved her. We couldn’t have felt more comfortable leaving her. She made the whole thing a delightful experience even though it was Poppy’s first time being looked after by non-family.